You certainly can’t have a rainbow without a little rain; meaning a busy winter that slowly but promisingly leads to a sunny summer. It is this time of year that everyone’s heart is infused with these anticipatory feelings of enjoying the life to the fullest. A summer routine of nonchalant beach-going and relaxation in the sun all day long, thus creating fond memories to recall over freezing cold nights.


Summertime is all about smiles, tan lines and sips of cocktails. Earthly paradises await you, to explore the unknown and recharge your batteries. The incomparable colors of crystal clear waters of the Greek islands and especially Santorini greatly inspired our designer for this season’s collection.


Let’s be honest though. He who travels happily should travel light focusing on the joyful moments that you gather along the way. Your essentials to that shall be elegant swimwear making you feel and look stunning in every style. ArtLoveKnitwear surely embraces this idea of simplicity without ever losing your aura of magnetism.


So, grab your bare essentials, put a huge grin on your face and create stories that are best written on the pages of your passport. After all, a year without summer is like leading a lovelorn life.