The amalgamation of Art with Fashion will never cease to amaze its disciples. The molding of all manners of art into fashion collections has a longstanding history that seems to revive creating havoc.

There is a plethora of eloquent cases that seem to reflect this. Take for instance the reminiscence of the iconic Yves Saint Laurent dress in the mid-sixties.

Clearly, a direct allusion to the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian and the modern movement of De Stijl, denoting that fashion used to and will, readily embrace the artistic canons of inspiration. This time capsule brings us to the latest let’s innovative, provocative and revolutionary collaboration of Louis Vuitton with the American artist Jeff Koons. The ‘’Masters’’ collection is somehow a crossover of classical art and the whimsical nature of the artist himself.

His insouciant intervention let him emblazon the statement handbags bearing classic masterpieces from Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Rubens, Ticiano and the Rococo artist Fragonard. In brief, the driving force behind ArtLoveKnitwear, purely encompasses all these elements and the unquestionable devotion of the designer to the beauty of fine Arts. It is not that the roles have been reversed; it is that the ongoing art-meets- fashion frolics will always retain an unbreakable bond.


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