“Love for the Art, for the Fashion, for the Knitwear.
This is the feeling we want to express through our brand.”

The ‘Art Love Knitwear’ concept was initially founded by a family with a long-standing history in Knitwear over the last 20 years. The main idea behind the brand, is to combine classical techniques and elements with innovative ones. The traditional way of hand-knitting has made a glorious comeback, all fresh, with a whole different sort of aesthetics though.

A case in point is the incorporation of fashionable patterns, high quality technical yarns and ground breaking means, into our Athleisure Line and our unconventional Knitwear World. Last but not least, our philosophy clearly prioritizes the demands of our clientele for qualitative and distinctive designs, always in harmonious agreement with the latest trends of the Fashion Industry.

About Us

The Art of Knitting dates back to the 11th century with origins that lie in ancient Egypt. Nowadays, its incomparable value is even more highlighted through progressive techniques. Our goal is to produce contemporary designs, by bringing our firmly established expertise on the field of yarns, from staple to novelty ones. Our incessant and thorough research for the finest raw materials, purely add an unparalleled and aesthetically pleasing touch to our designs.