Hardly anyone knows that knitting actually boasts a longstanding history. There are certain mysteries that lie within its realms. The main concern back in ancient times was simply to cover basic human needs of protecting against weather adversities. The complexities and the fine gauge of the first artifacts unearthed, suggest how valuable this technique used to be throughout the passage of time.

Knitting is a reigning Queen that easily stands out from the wide spectrum of garments, not only due to novelties in the knit technology but also the meticulous manipulation of it. ArtLoveKnitwear has a unique insight into this tactile yet versatile craft, by releasing these coveted items designed to last.

A predilection of our designer for femininity is based on the premise that elegance, strength and simplicity should be interwoven. A rigorous process is conducted, ensuring precise patterns, fabric stability and shade matching. With the use of flat knitting machines, density and perfect seam quality are actually offered.

Luxury is hidden in each detail, thus the final stage of our apparel is a sheer reflection of it. Gently placed onto velvet pouches, wrapped with satin ribbons, your ready-to-wear garments are the quintessence of impeccability.